Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now, you also talked about how it felt to look across the room and see professional people and elected officials and, um, they had one vote and you had one vote. Would you tell me that?


Yeah, well, um, when we were voting, ah, when you had roll calls and you would vote, and you know, it was at this moment, you know, when you, well, I, when I was sitting there, and, ah, seeing people vote, and, to me, you know, I was on the same level as everybody else, you know, regardless of my lifestyle or my profession and all, I was equal to everyone else there in the convention. I was accepted as everyone else there in the convention, and to me, ah, this was a great feeling. It was, ah, ah, a feeling, a moment, ah, that, too, that I cherished and that I could carry back, ah, it's, to be there and to be accepted, ah, regardless of, ah, the professions that people were, the financial status that they were, the education level that they were, we were all equal.


OK, cut. OK, I think we've got it