Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now as you're coming up, remember, back in 1972, as you're coming, driving up from Mississippi to Gary, what are your hopes for this, this national Black political convention?


Well, um, as, ah, we left Mississippi in going to Gary, there's the whole, it was just the whole excitement of really getting prepared and getting ready and getting on the road and going to Gary to, ah, our first convention, you know, the first Black convention, you know, ah, as a matter of fact it was our very first convention at all, you know, we had never participated in any one. But, I guess it was mu- much more exciting to know that it was ours, and, ah, when getting there, it was just a lot of anticipation of really getting there and get, ah, our place in the convention, ah, is- it was just, we were just excited, like going up, I guess, to our first show or going out for, ah, just, for, I, maybe like, even high school prom, but it was really very serious because we had put a lot of efforts into getting people in our areas, throughout Mississippi, and everybody was just excited about going to the convention, and, uh--