Interview with Mary L. Hightower

OK, could you give me a sense, now, coming from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, you've been, fought with all kinds of terrorism, what is it like, again, saying that piece it, and coming in to Gary and seeing all of these Black people with this common purpose?


Well, um, getting ready and going into Gary, ah, first let me say it's, it's, I guess the re- really realizing that we were, ah, now at the convention was coming in to Gary and seeing all these signs that s- that directed us to the convention center and, and, ah, just, it was, that, at that moment, ah, it was just, ah, overwhelming. It, the kind of feeling that, you know, it's almost indescribable. But, ah, it's, we were just overjoyed and happy, but, after getting and going into the convention and, and, ah, seeing, finding our place, because we had nametags for each of the states, um, this even added further to the be- to the reality of, of, ah, being a part of a convention, and once we got in there and we looked around and that was, I mean, just num- numerous of Black people from all states as far as you could see, people were signing in and people were getting placed and, ah, to me, at that moment were one of the greatest moment that I've ever experienced.