Interview with Mary L. Hightower

OK, give me a sense of just how crazy some of these people looked and talked, I mean they were talking about all kinds of philosophies, they looked all different kinds of ways, so what was your first impression, and then tell me how that changed.


Well, um, wh- when I first got to the convention and, and, ah, as I say, all the different people from all walks of life were there, you know, I began to wonder, you know, just how I would fit into it, and, ah, what I could get out of at, at the co- being at the convention, because, ah, now we, being locally, being from Mississippi, a lot of people there, ah, a lot of lifestyle, a lot of dress codes or hairstyles and all that, we've never seen before. And, people talking about, um, the different, ah, kinds of leadership in each of their prospective areas, we, you know, it was just confusing at first, you know, it was just like a state of confusion, and, ah, you know, you just wandered around and really tried to get a sense of direction, but, ah, once the convention was called together, and everybody was recognized there, and then the true meaning of the le- the conference came out, ah, in fact the, the co- the convention was called to furnish leadership, and this was something that we all could relate to, you know, all of us were there seeking leadership and guidance, and, ah, at that point, ah, everything else ceased and we became a united body, you know.


Now, what did you think--