Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now I want you to tell me also about another moment when you thought it might all disappear, and that's when the Michigan delegation walks out. Now if you could just talk about seeing them all walk and then just "nation-time."


Um, the, nearing the, the end of the convention, ah, the Michigan delegation, ah, walked out w- at that time we thought the whole delegation had walked out, and, and it was sad, you know, because, ah, if, with any state delegation getting up and leaving, you know, to me, that was a sense of failure, but to see a part of them still remaining and, and saying that they were staying, you know, ah, it was really great, you know, and, and we were all cheering and, and, ah, just, ah, ah, it, it, it gave a new, ah, momentum to the convention.