Interview with Howard Holland

Can you tell me about what it was like the, the time you were put on a road block? What happened?


Well, ah, one night, ah, after they took us off the patrol and put us back in, ah, Southeastern High School at the time, or Durfy Junior High, which was next door I believe, and, ah, put out on a road block at night, and our mission, we were there with two police cars, had a policeman in each of them and two Guardsmen, and we would take turns, ah, stopping traffic and checking for their passes to be out at night, and shift workers and things. And I think it was about two o'clock in the morning, ah, this one car approached and, ah, slowed down just like every other car had at the time, and then got a little closer and turned down his lights and just floored it and decided to come right through the road block and, ah, the other Guardsman that was with me, I don't remember his name now, ah, we just literally dove to opposite sides of the road and this car just, ah, went right on through the road block and, ah, went down the street, was swerving, ah, police officers came up and fired a couple of rounds and of course jumped in their police cars and followed after them, and came back about an hour later and they had told us that they had caught--there were four people in a car and they found a couple guns and knives and things in the car. But, ah, I guess that was the first time somebody actually tried to run me over, ah, so, ah, I had a concern at the time.