Interview with Howard Holland

OK, stop for a second. I need you to stop for just a sec. This is very has to be a little more concise. We don't need quite so much detail. Um, just because we don't do a lot of cutting away from somebody so we do --


OK, so you get the call.


OK. So I got the call and immediately I, ah, went home, packed my stuff that I had at the house and threw it in the car and, ah, drove down to the Armory. And we got down to the Armory and they issued us any additional equipment we needed or if we were short equipment, they gave it to us. And then they put us in the back of two-and-a-half ton trucks at the time and we headed downtown Detroit. Ah, I had really never spent any time in downtown Detroit, ah, having lived mostly in the suburbs. I was, ah, 20 years old, ah, been in the Guard just, ah, barely a year-and-a-half at the time. I really didn't know what to expect, ah, but I'd seen the stories of Watts and Newark and that on television and had no idea what to expect in Detroit. On the way down there, ah, looking out the back of the truck, I did notice that, ah, there were fires, ah, the smoke was pretty heavy at that time initially and there were many fires going on, you'd see occasionally fire trucks running everywhere, hoses laid across Grand River, you know, major highways, and just trucks bouncing over them to get there. And, ah, I would look out and I'd see, ah, people carrying some things out of stores, ah, they'd been uh--windows had been broken, some of the stores were on fire and there still people going into the stores with them on fire even--


OK, stop. That was great, thank you.