Interview with Howard Holland

We initially went in, ah, we got off the trucks and organized and, ah, I was selected as one of the, ah, people to, ah, accompany police officers in squad cars at the time. There were two or three different functions that the Guard was doing. And myself and another Guardsman, ah, were placed into a squad car with two Detroit police officers. And our basic duty at that time was to, ah, travel around, and having--not being familiar with the city I really had no idea where I was and, ah, never spent any time there. But, ah, our duty was to go out as we observed, ah, people that were looting stores and things, we were to stop them, ah, basically apprehend them and bring them back to the police station where they were booked and, and whatever they did with, from there. And, ah, the first three days, ah, to describe a single day would be difficult because basically the first three days was one long day, ah, we didn't have any, ah, very much rest or sleep. The only time we got to rest was between runs, ah, back and forth to the, ah, police precinct we were at at the time. But, ah, we would find people, ah, just drive--we would respond to, ah, radio calls, pick them up, ah, take them back, drop them off and just head back out to the streets and for about three days and night that's, that's all we did. That's just a--