Interview with Howard Holland

OK, so you snuck a phone call home.


I, ah, had a chance to, ah, finally, ah, snuck a phone call home by the time I got to Southeastern, it was about the end of the third day, into the morning of the fourth day. And, ah, my mother was, ah, got a chance to talk to her, tell her I was OK, and, ah, she had said that, ah, she'd received a letter from my brother at the time and he had heard that there were disturbances in California and New Jersey and now Detroit at the time and, ah, my mother expressed a concern that she had one son in, in combat at war, you know, with an enemy at the time, and she never dreamed that her other son would wind up in her own home town perhaps facing the same dangers and chance of getting injured or, or even killed, at one time. So, ah, tried to, ah, calm her down, ah, so, ah, she wouldn't worry as much, ah, but it, it was an interesting uh--