Interview with William Bradford Huie


William Bradford Huie:

Now, if you ever want a, a man who was with me on that and who helped me in the photographs and the photo—-is a man named Chris McNair, who has uh, been in politics in Alabama. He's a photographer, and he is the father of one of the four girls killed in the church bombing. And uh, so McNair and his wife have been close friends of mine a few years. I wrote a beautiful story for Look about their daughter. I've always been able—I've always wanted to write about one person. Not about four girls who were killed. I want to find one. And then McNair's daughter, he was a photographer, and his child was beautiful. And of course he'd made a mountain of pictures of her. So what I found—I went through all those pictures and we found one of the most impressive pictures of a three—four, four-year-old girl or a five year old girl playing, everything. You never saw such a picture in your life. We ran it half-page in Look. And I wrote the story of her. My bombing story was the story of her death, which is always—the death of one person is always more dramatic than the death of a thousand, you know, or the death of ten, or anything else.