Interview with William Bradford Huie


William Bradford Huie:

Oh yeah they were, they were waiting in, in Whitten's office. Now, the lawyer and I arrived from Memphis down, uh, to Sumner, Mississippi. We stopped the car outside of Sumner. And we start across the railroad, and it's dark, it's seven thirty o'clock. So uh… the one thing that I am afraid is that somebody might have known we were coming in there, and would, just wanted to hold me up for five thousand dollars. So I said to the lawyer I was carrying the, the uh, satchel, and I said now listen, if anybody accosts us for anything while we're getting over there, I said "You, you don't do a damn thing except just fall flat to the ground." And he says, "What for?" And so I pulled… I pulled… I pulled out this .38, I said, "So I can kill the bastards." And so he said—"I don't want to hit you." And well, "I didn't know you figured that it mattered you see." He goes on in the… and he, I don't know why, I don't know how… and I had told him last night, "You are not going to go down here and lecture these guys or anything of that sort. All you are going to do is have them sign all the papers properly. You and Whitney. You down, you're down here to do a lawyers job." Well, he goes in, old J.W. Milam comes in, a great big guy and he pulls off this big .45, he carries, he puts it down on there. And I don't know what this lawyer is going to do. We go ahead, we're getting all these papers signed, and everything of that sort. And finally after about an hour, we're now gotten to celebrating and I look around here and this lawyer who had gone to Fordham, he and J.W. Milam they're out back there drinking whiskey together you see. And he had been in the army enough to know a little about ordinance and they're talking about army guns. And I was afraid, I was afraid he was going to clear the deal.