Interview with William Bradford Huie


William Bradford Huie:

Bailey. Lee, Lee—F. Lee Bailey, yeah. Ray, uh, when he was arrested in London, he thought every important white lawyer in America would want to represent him. And he, so he was sitting waiting for somebody to call—contact him. The only person that contacted him was J. B. Stoneham in Georgia, who wanted to represent him. And uh, so after about 24 hours Ray had his British lawyer call Mr. Bailey and give him the great good news that James Earl Ray in London wanted him to represent him in the United States. So Mr. [laughter] Mr. Bailey told him to go to hell. And uh, that, what made him think—why did he think he would want to represent him. And that, when the British lawyer who told me about it, and Ray did too, uh, told Ray, Ray just couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe that Lee Bailey would turn down the opportunity to represent the man who killed Martin Luther King. And that, so it was after that that Ray then who had been in Alabama, and who—at the time that, and who knew of Arthur Hanes having represented the Ku Klux who killed uh, Mrs. Liuzzo, then he had his British lawyer get in touch with Hanes. And Hanes got in touch with me, cause he'd never been to London and he didn't have the money. And, and I gave Hanes $10,000 and helped him go to London and made a deal with Ray then, and Hanes for Ray to tell me the truth about whether or not he killed Dr. King. And that's how I came to write a book called, He Slew the Dreamer which cost me an enormous amount of money. And we've never been able to make a film until now we're going to make one.