Interview with John Hulett

So last night, Carol asked you a question, "What did Black Power mean in Lowndes County?" And I don't necessarily want you to use the phrase Black Power, but give a nice answer in terms of what it really meant.


Well, when you talk about Black Power, Black Power mean that when people can provide jobs for their own peoples and they can, they can assist them in whatever the problem might be, and we had many of them during that time, and some of our problem was about education. We moved to try to get people into the best schools they had, which was predominantly White during that time, we had problems. We was able to get a few of them in, for the first year. Then later, the White moved out, and went into private schools. Those were just some of the minor things that we was doing. You know, getting jobs for peoples, seeing that people should get a better education, and let them see that peoples being able to own their own land in this area.