Interview with John Hulett

What was it like when the federal registrars finally came in in August of '65?


When the federal registrar came in in August we was able to get, go into the communities, and, and, notify people that the federal registrar were available, they would register them without having all the, going through all the red tape that they was going through, with our county and state registrars, and we was able to carry peoples to the poll by the hundreds. Especially on Saturdays, started off on Saturdays. And we would have as, as many people we could just have lines of peoples standing by, waiting to get registered. And they finally started doing it maybe more than one day out of the week. That's what most of our peoples in this county, Black especially, registered on the federal registrar. The kind of questions and things that they was asking, the state registrar was asking, most people could not answer those questions, and even if they answered them, they'd still get turned down. And, and this was one of our major problems. And we felt that this was a victory for us, having these federal registrars come into the Lowndes County and register peoples here in our county.