Interview with John Hulett

You mentioned the mass meetings. What were those mass meetings like? Can you describe them for me?


When we first started off in our mass meetings, people were fearful of coming to mass meetings. We would, especially because they thought maybe the White would come out then and try to break them up within that time. So what we got, we got our own bodyguards and placed them outside of the buildings, and we didn't have a church in this county that would hold the people. Every Sunday night they would go to these mass meetings. They went up by the hundreds. Each church, and then we would have singing, praying, and things of that type, and have several guys that'd speak. We started off with Stokely Carmichael may speak tonight, and Bob Mants, then we started our own local people to speaking. Which gave a lot of encouragement to people, and I think that was, was a key to the whole thing. And when they started moving out of our county, our own people was able to take over and do what needed to be done to continue the movement.