Interview with John Hulett

When did you make the decision to form an independent political party? How did that come about?


It was sometimes, we decided to form the independent political party because, Stokely Carmichael and Courtland Cox and others who got together and told us, according to the Alabama law, if we didn't like what the Democratic party was doing in this, in our county, or the Republican party, we, we could form our own political organization, and it could become a political party**. We looked into the aspects of it. We asked them to do it. And then we came up with a symbol. And during the time, we was trying to come up with a symbol, we had asked Stokely Carmichael, I believe Courtland Cox and some other peoples from our county to, to look at some type of symbol. And when the group came back, they came back with the panther as their symbol. Then we began to, start putting an organization structure together. During that time, I was a, president of the Lowndes County Christian Movement for Human Rights. This was our original organization we had, had for about a year, and then I, I accepted that, you know, they asked me would I take over the political aspects of it. And the, resign from this Lowndes County Christian Movement, and I did. And we were able to pull our people together in both organizations and work together to form our own political organization.