Interview with John Hulett

I'm going to ask this question one more time, because yesterday you were kind of talking about the fact that just because you carried guns didn't mean you were against SNCC's non-violent thing, that it wasn't quite the same thing. I'd just like to give you another chance to kind of restate that along those lines if you could. Do you know what I'm saying?


SNCCs were not about, non-violent organization, I don't think they were ever violent. You know, they was arrested, they never fought back. On once occasion I can remember there, there was some things happened where they had to shoot back. But, there was not a, a violent organization, but they was a group, an organization who would stand up and look a person in their eyes, and tell them what they thought and how they felt about what was going on. They know, they knew what was happening to us was wrong, and they would come to a courthouse and, and be able to tell the system that you was treating peoples wrong and they should not, that should not exist in, in the, in our counties. This was just some of the amount of thing that went on in this area.