Interview with John Hulett

What are some of your outstanding memories that day? Any particular things happened that day that you think about?


Well, there was, there was, two things happened, there was, peoples who was, especially the elder people, older peoples who was 70 and 80 years old, came out and voted, that's the most encouraging thing to me. To see peoples come out, for the first time in the history of their lives, to vote for candidates that they, could do something for them. And second thing, there were, other peoples there to try to stop us. Was put there by the White community to try to stop us from having it, people would block the roads, would block the streets and, and try to create a problem for us. These were the other Black folks who didn't like what we were doing. But those were the things existed on that day, around the primary. And after we finished with our primary, we came into Hayneville and back up here to see what the White was doing with their primary, along with a few Blacks. But we felt real good about it because we had an opportunity that day to pick our own kind of sheriff, person who run for sheriff, without having the problems to deal with the system, and other offices that we were seeking in that time.