Interview with John Hulett

When SNCC came in, I asked you what it was like to have Stokely here, and you gave me a very vivid portrait, but what about SNCC, the organization, what was it like to have all those people from SNCC here?


It, it was good to have them here, because we had peoples from almost every walks of life who had different talents and who could do a lot of things to help. You know, ah, some was, was tutoring and teached, and teaching classes, and wherever, wh--speakers like Stokely Carmichael, Bob Mants, yet, Courtland, Courtland Cox and others who would do it, it, little different ways, it was good to have them here. Because it gave a lot of incentives to people, young peoples all over would have a chance to sit down with these people, see what they were doing and make them want to be like most of those good men and women.