Interview with John Hulett

You made reference to the fact that Lowndes County is sometimes referred to as Bloody. How dangerous was Lowndes County?


Lowndes County well, ah, but, in many instances, we've had young people killed or rode around in the cars of, of the sheriff's departments. We've had people, eh, beaten out of their homes, go into the houses, drug out from their families and beaten and killed in this county in the past. And we've had peoples who've comes into Hayneville, was found aside the railroad dead, because of, just some of the little things they would do. And because of that, most White people in this county were afraid. Hayneville was one of the places, in wintertime, if I was going home, and was coming out of Montgomery, instead of coming through Hayneville, I would drive US 80 and go out the way 12 or 15 miles myself, to get home, instead of coming through Hayneville, because of some of the things that existed in this county.