Interview with John Hulett

That sort of brings us around to Tent City. Why don't you tell us how Tent City came about?


Tent City be, came about--we had peoples who lived, ah, share, sharecroppers. And they was told not to get registered. If they got registered, then they could not live on their, the property. Many of them got registered to vote, and when they got registered to vote, they were, put off the plantations. They had no place to go, they had no jobs. And we got together, and a--along with Stokely Carmichael and others, bought some property for Tent City, this, Tent City, named it Tent City. And we put tents out there, bought lumber make the flooring and whatnot, and we moved about six or seven families on the, in the Tent City area. And they stayed there for a year, but, almost two years, some of them did, until they was able to find land and build their own houses.