Interview with Walter Huntley

OK, Walter, why don't you tell me about the trek of young professionals coming to the mecca of Atlanta.


OK. Um, I came to Atlanta in the summer of 1972. I was just finishing up a, a master's degree in urban studies, and I'll never forget my, ah, professor, Dr. Earl Lewis at Trinity University in San Antonio, ah, said, "Why do you want to do your internship in Atlanta?" And I had read Ebony magazine, and seeing where it was the Black mecca, and they were saying that if you were Black and had a college degree, this was the best place in the world to, ah, live**. And it was very intriguing to me. And ah, I just wanted to, ah, see what it was like. And so, I packed everything up in my car, and, ah, drove from San Antonio to Atlanta, and got here in the summer. And there were all sorts of, ah, people from all over the country, ah, who I'd met. Ah, we'd just gotten out of, ah, graduate school or wherever, and they had heard about Atlanta, and it was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ah, a lot of very creative, ah, and idealistic people were coming to the city.