Interview with Jim Ingram

Tell me about when you were released from the 7th Precinct, what your feelings were, what you had been, in terms of what you had been through.


I left the 7th Precinct with a, a, burning, raging, fury inside of me that, ah, had resulted from the physical, emotional, and mental pain, primarily emotional and mental, of, of, being so emasculated and dehumanized. And what I mean by emasculation, my manhood, I felt like my testicles were literally, physically being just crushed. You know my father always taught me to look another man in the eye or another person in the eye. And we got to a point where if you looked at the guards, whatever expression the National Guardsman or the police, whatever expression you might have had on your face was literally taken to mean something by them. If you tried to appear pleasant, like you were imposing no threat or anything, they'd say, "Oh, nigger you think this is funny." If you tried to appear serious or somber, then they would say, "What the hell is wrong with you? Or, Why are you glaring at me." And they'd on each occasion, take you, drag you out, and beat you with those bright red ax handles. So, ah, my way of dealing of this was just to avert my gaze whenever they would say anything to anyone of us I wouldn't even look at them. Ah, at one point they called, ah, called me and another guy out and didn't, didn't call us by name and he had to yell three or four times before I finally looked to see that he was talking about me. So I left with this deep sense of, of a mission that there was so much inhumanity among the White race. These people whom I'd have thought were, you know, guardians of the law and protectors of the people were in fact brutal, racist oppressors and I felt that they had to be wiped out totally. That I had a personal mission out of that experience that meant that, ah, it was my job in conjunction with others to, ah, to see to it that they had no, to kill them all and make sure they had no chance of ever reproducing, that they were evil devils, so much as, as the Muslims had said, and, ah, I along with eleven other people formed something that we called the Order of the Burning Spear and that was our mission. That was our primary mission to kill White people, beginning with the police and guardsmen.


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