Interview with Jim Ingram

Ready? Tell, tell me what happened when you got down to the police station. What happened when they got you down there in the paddy waggon?


We were taken to the 7th Precinct, I knew that because the ride was very short and, ah, the doors were flung open and, ah, somebody started yelling, "Run niggers, run." And, ah, an officer started slinging us out of the van. I couldn't see that clear what was going on in front of me but I was the last one out of the van and I saw my brother in front of me being swung at. There were National Guardsman on the right and police on the left and they were swinging rifles and, ah, swinging these red, bright redly[SIC] painted, brightly painted, ah, red pick ax handles and I was trying to dodge some of the swings, ah, I don't know how I got through there with only being hit hard one time with a rifle barrel and that's what broke my right arm. And, ah, we sort of ran I guess as fast as we could and tried to dodge those, some of them were really swinging quite wildly, ah, but it was, it was an experience I'll never forget. It was like I was going to myself, "What have we done?" I mean they, we were guilty of Lord knows what in these guys', ah, ah, minds, you know. I mean they were treating us like we were hardened criminals or something. And all we were doing was, ah, attempting to buy some gas in a gas station. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.