Interview with Jim Ingram

Tell us about what happened when you got to that cell, the other guys that were in there and then the story about when you were finger printed.


We were placed in a holding cell which was rather large but still very crowded because there were so many people in there. At one point, ah, ah, we were all talking and they brought in this White kid. I guess everybody at that point was Black or Hispanic or whatever. And this young White kid came in and some of the younger Black guys, ah, as soon as he got inside that door and the door was slammed shut, just charged him. And he, he apparently was fairly alert because he knew right away he was, ah, going to be dead meat. He literally climbed the, the steel bars of the door and climbed all almost all the ways up, all the way up to the ceiling. I don't even know how he maintained his balance. At that point, Ross Mitchell and myself and several others just kind of prevailed upon the guys, you know, "Hey, leave the kid alone. He's not bothering anybody. He's in here with us. He may have been doing some of what, some of the things we were doing, you know, and he may in fact be innocent so why are you trying to do something to him?" You know. At that point, I began to think of myself that this really wasn't, couldn't be characterized as a race riot, although there was that White, Black thing in terms of the schism between the police and those they were locking up. And I guess they were hurling their resentment of the police back at this one kid. And I didn't think that was fair. We--


OK, we'll stop.