Interview with Rutha Mae Jackson and Willie Hill Jackson


Willie Hill Jackson:

Well, there ain't too, too much, you know, going on as bad as that. You know, so, so if it come down to something like that, you know, it still might be, you know, a lot of people might, wouldn't want to talk too much about it right off. Even if they know something about it, it's gonna be, they gonna talk slow, because when you're born here and raised here, and you got this in you, see, and it's hard to get it out. So, I mean fearing the white man. So, you know, you gots a lot of people that, from way back you know, from what I've heard and read that they didn't fear them, you know. But those are the main ones, some of the first ones that was dead, see. So anybody that's kind of scared of dying, you know, you gonna be kind of scared to talk about things like that.