Interview with Ellen Jackson

OK. Now I'd like you to flash forward to December 11th. Michael Faith, the White boy was back at Southie. Ah, a mob gathered outside. They were concerned about getting the kids out. Can you, ah, tell us about the, ah, decoy action that you used. And I also remember how impressive it was for me to hear that in the busses you could feel the crowd rocking them back and forth.


Ah we were doing a routine check. I learned a lot of the ph, the phrases, hanging out with the police during those days. We were doing a routine check of schools. But there hadn't--we were riding around with the then superintendent, the command officer for district B, ah, Leroy Chase. We were riding around with him that morning, one morning on December 11. And while we were in the car just driving around at different schools, we got a call that there had been a breakout at, ah, well we call it, the school broke. Ah, and it was at Roslindale High and we should proceed immediately up there. And we did. And just as we got there, the Lena, that was near Lena Park's area and zone. Many of the Lena Park staff under the direction of Pat Jones were there. And I remember just as we stepped out the car there was you know fighting going on and adults were being pushed. And I remember Doris Davis was just going over a fence and someone else was lying on the ground and kids were running everywhere, Black and White kids.