Interview with Jesse Jackson

The idea of a third political party emerged in Gary. In fact it was put on the agenda. REV.


Because there was sense of alienation from the Democratic party. Democrats taking us for granted. Republicans writing us off and the agenda items for jobs and peace and justice would no longer be an after thought for some other party or some other person. There was a sense that we had to assert this new dynamic**. And, and even with that there was a tension because even though that was the, the etiology there was the mixed emotions about Shirley Chisholm's candidacy, for example. The same people who believed that in '72 and '84 still were shakey then about my candidacy in '84. But much of the, the, the crucible out which that idea came forth emerged in the context of, of Gary. It's not the first time the idea had come forth but somehow Gary gave it special meaning. After all there were ten thousand people there from all over the country.