Interview with Jesse Jackson

Do you remember the cultural trappings of Gary, the connection to Africa, the sense of, well, art and poety REV.


Well in the sense that, ah, ah, Amiri Baraka played a tremendous role in, in that convention. Ah, and later the Gary convention gave strength to winning in Newark for example, for Ken Gibson. Where Baraka also played a tremendous role there. What was difficult was pulling together all of these tribes from the many plantations that we have come from. I mean there was Coleman Young from Detroit and there was Hatcher and there was Stokes. We had six, eight congresspeople at that time, deep south, all these various forces, these various views of themselves, finding, if you will, common ground and Gary became that. And though it was difficult to pull the people together and difficult to finance, somehow the spirit and the will and the people germinated. Something happened in Gary. Gary indeed was successful because it is an historical reference point.