Interview with Jesse Jackson

One memory do you remember thinking, watching the other delegates, one personal memory of that time? REV.


The joy was so many people there and yet with a certain sense of expectation and security. I mean the only real rough point was, there was so many cameras there, they were blocking people's view and we had spent a lot of time previously trying to get the press to cover our activities, cover our events but they came in such great numbers there, they actually got in the way. So we had to literally stop to tear down, you know, their structure so people could see it. They wanted to really see what was happening on the stage and there was a sense of alienation from the press and was also was a part of it. I think the only kind of rough political point was Coleman Young protested and left. But eventually the fact that Coleman had come. The fact that all of us had come gave us a sense of kinship and reference. I, I remember Gary with a great sense of, of fondness and a great sense of, of love for all the people who were there.


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