Interview with Jesse Jackson

What kind of adversary was Richard Daley? REV.


Well he was a, a formidable adversary because, whereas Jim Clark and Bull Connor, it was White versus Black. Daley had, ah, Blacks on his staff and Black officials and some Black ministers who marched with Dr. King in the south, with the school attempt[SIC] at Morehouse but on Daley's plantation they had press conferences and urged Dr. King to leave Chicago, saying there is no place for you here. It really broke his heart to see some of his classmates turn on him in Chicago**. A minister had a press conference on, on the West Side saying Dr. King go to hell. And even though he was not a guy with a big church, the fact that a Black minister, would say, Dr. King go to hell, it made national news. Ah, it was not, the--the size of his congregation. He's not a political, ah, peer of Dr. King's in that sense but Daley had all these forces to use and he used them.