Interview with Jesse Jackson

Were, were you frightened? REV.


I really was not frightened. Ah, I was in the army, the non violent freedom army and my expectations, ah, were of such I could not be disappointed. I could, I had to be disciplined, ah, I mean there was a sense that, ah, what was happening was in the day. I remember one Sunday, we, we marched. Andy White and I were on the church steps and while we were there we were being stoned on the church steps. They actually chased us, ah, back into the Black community. Again, now this is Chicago, you know, up north, 1966. While on side of town they were, they were hailing Ernie Banks as a great football hero, ah, and later Gail Sayers as a great football hero. There was areas where we could not, could not walk through without being violently attacked or killed and certainly could not move and so we, we had ah, we had the challenge. And, ah, really on the bell was leadership. We rose to the occasion.