Interview with Jesse Jackson

Tell me more about Miami. REV.


When I think about the cities of, of great joy in the heart of the segregated south, Charlotte, North Carolina, ah, Atlanta, Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, where James Brown and Leon Austin, the Buicks, that's when the quintet came from, New Orleans, but, but Miami was a great source of, of joy and excitement in part because of the weather in part because it was an international city but also there was a thriving African American business community, in, in Miami that was decimated with urban removal. Also recall that, ah, in Miami there was a Holiday Inn near the, the airport. It was the first Holiday Inn in America that African Americans could stay and, and all of the golfers, the professional golfers and Charley Sepit (?) and Joe Louis and all of them would go once a year to the great tournament in, in Miami in February. There was something special about being able to go to Miami and stay in the Holiday Inn and, and go to the, to the tournament and go to, to the race track, take trips from Miami and go to, to the Caribbean or go to South America. There was a certain sense of joy and hope there. And, and Miami was torn asunder but no sense of replacement, no sense of hope and development. And these riots are almost always, ah, expressions of, of despair and desperation.


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