Interview with Jesse Jackson

Hatcher told me that the Black middle class too was a significant factor that they took the initiative after some reluctance at a certain point. REV.


Well I, I think it's fair to say that when you really make progress it's when you rise above these class divisions which become a way of putting people down, like who is the most loyal? Who is the Blackest? Who is the most dedicated? At some point in time we must deal with our commonality because our caste system or our skin color is more pronounced in our class system. As people like Metcalfe begin to fight police brutality for example, ah, a dentist was beaten to death, ah, and so, it's your pedigree, not your class, that becomes the final factor. And when a community hits that point of, of dignity, ah, and it fights insult with dignity and finds common ground above, ah, skin color and above religious denominations and finds its commonality in its dignity, not division in its classes, you have a, a very powerful force.