Interview with John Jackson

OK, Mr. Mayor, I wonder if you could recall the very first time you ever heard of the Black Panther Party and what your reaction was to that?


We were kind of excited about the Black Panther Party because we had tried everything, we had had so much problem getting ready to devote so much par--so much problem trying to get our people encouraged, and to run for political positions. And then all of a sudden they raised the fees, they wouldn't allow us to participate in the democratic process. So we--when they brought up the--I think the way it was presented, Everybody was excited. Because they said, well, they have the rooster which represents the Democratic party, the elephant which represents the Republican party, why can't we have a Black cat to represent us. Everybody knows how a cat look, and we were excited. Because we knew that if a person could read and write they sure knew the difference between a cat, a elephant, and a rooster**.