Interview with John Jackson

Do you remember something that happened, just give me some flavor of the day. Was there anything special that stayed on your mind.


Well we, were afraid in the very beginning again. I don't know, it looked liked every time we start a process we were always afraid because we knew, ah, how Whites felt about Blacks, and how they had tried to stop us from gaining our equal rights. And of course we would set up people to watch and protect if we thought they were going to come in and destruct it. But there were people prepared, to try to protect our women and children that day. And it was kind of, ah, I was afraid in the very beginning. But ah, we had people set up to let us know if they were coming. And they would ride by and look and we had the FBIs there and that type of thing, but ah, by the number of people that turned out, gave us another ray of hope that it could be done, and people were just excited.