Interview with John Jackson

Talk about the violence, I mean there was a lot of violence towards Black people at that time. Talk about that.


Yes there was a lot of violence towards Black people in Lowndes County. I think, when they first started talking about trying to make sss, make some changes, a man that they thought was actively involved in going to the meetings in Selma was shot at, over in Gordonville, I believe, and that got the momentum going. Ah, the word got around that there were people actively involved and they would do all kinds of things to intimidate you and harass you. They would, like I said, they would stop financing advancing farmers. They would intimidate you, they would hit you up over the head, the sheriff was, ah, name was Otto Moore at that time and Sheriff Rawls, a deputy. And ah, they would just, they would be, they would be violent only as well as the Ku Klux Klan. So they was, it was really a situation where we were struggling for life and death. And if you were caught in the wrong the situation, you probably would be killed.