Interview with Maynard Jackson

OK, a few words on Emma Darnell in terms of why you were advised not to hire her.


Well, this was an interesting, ah, thing, I, I have had and have great respect Emma Darnell. Ah, but not a single adviser, male or female, agreed that I should hire her for that particular position. I went ahead anyhow, and as it turns out, ah, in retrospect, they may have been more right than I was. And when time came for us to part ways, ah, I asked her would she resign, she declined to do so. I gave her more time to reconsider that, and she still said, "No," and she wanted to appeal it, and fight the case under our rules at that time, before the Atlanta City Council, like a trial. So, that's what we did. She lost, we won. She left the administration. But to her credit, there were several things that happened because of her, but, ah, ah, to the positive, but the reality is that, um, ah, I think that I would have done myself and her and the administration a better service, if I had asked her to serve in a different position from the very beginning. And, but that's, that's 20-20 hindsight. She's doing an excellent job for the city of Atlanta, in EOA today and I wish her well and I'm very much in her corner.