Interview with Maynard Jackson

OK, and now I'd like to ask you, if you feel that winning an election, winning the election of mayor, wasn't that the prize?


It's interesting. I got the, ah, a nationally prestigious award with a significant monetary award, ah, in 19, um, 74, ah, for the greatest contribution by an American under 35 years of age, and that was being elected. OK? But, I beat out the Watergate reporters by one vote, I'm told. But the reality is no. Politics is not an end, it's a means to an end. It's means of changing public policy. Public policy controls almost every aspect of our lives. And we are the change agents. It is through us the people speak. We want this, we want that, this kind of life, this kind of quality of life. And we must deliver, honestly, fairly to all people. We must deliver.