Interview with Nancy Jefferson

When Daley mentioned. Daley had to, he was clever he always was coming up with something that he thought could fit in and was fooling the people. And so, when the, the Martin Luther King came through with the union to end slums. And, ah,I think James Bevel[SIC] and uh some of those guys was in charge of that, um, ah,that and, ah,Mevereti[SIC] Gilbert, uh who was from Lundale, who was a local person, ah,was in the team. And, ah,they started the union to end slum, which Daley claimed that he would-he certainly was a part of. That he also wanted to end slums, and he made all the great speeches, and all that you know, that he wanted to end the slums in Chicago, you know. And that, first of all he did not, there were/was any slums Richard J. Daley said that there was "no slums in Chicago," you know that. And that, but when it was proven that there were slums, and that they--


Could you hold just a second--


What did you think about Daley's, um, "End Slums Campaign," and how was that trying to run counter to Dr. King?


Ah, Richard J. Daley was a very smart, shrewd politician. Machine politician. Every time that Dr. King would come with a program, Richard J. Daley would counter act with another program. Foolery, ah,with the people. He was clever with that "Union to End Slum," at that time it was 3 or 4 young men that was local, it was on the street to work in that Union to End Slum. He was counteracting by saying "yes I approve that we should end slums" but set up another system of, of, of, the way he worked at it you know. He was very clever to, ah,do that counteracting everything that Dr. King, ah,every program that Dr. King brought to the people. Ah, he would co-op the program through Black people that was a part of the slum, he was clever to do that. But Dr. Martin Luther King was, perseverance with what he was doing, understood that and still moved forward with what he was doing, you know. So that was very--