Interview with Nancy Jefferson

OK, if you could talk about, um how, what expectations you have when Lyndon Johnson announced the war on Poverty, how Daley co-opted that--


When Lyndon Johnson announced the war on poverty, it was a great sense of relief and hope that, that we had, um, ah because, one is that we felt that Lyndon Johnson was key to it because he was a southerner, he understood the remarks that he made abut, he understood where Black people where when he was a child and he wanted to change some things. Um, so when the, ah,war on poverty programs hit Chicago because you know it was more than, you know it was more, because the cities were in trouble Richard J. Daley quickly co-opt that hose programs by putting top Blacks in charge, also a slew of community workers on the street when from door to door. So people had hope about, about the program, um, it was never really real, it was um, um the people was on the street were the people that you know, ah,it was very smart. So you believed what they said.


Yeah, that was great.