Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Some people would say, you already have a home, why would you want to live in Marquette Park?


Its not that, I haven't moved to Marquette park, Gage Park. I have not moved there. I still have a home, I'm still living here. But I think I have the right to do it, I think it was that right: I am a citizen of this city, I'm a Black American. I have the right to move wherever I want to move if I have the money to move in. What was wrong with that, you know? And I think thats what it was all about, it was that. I dare one part of this society to say that you can't move wherever you want to move, I think that was the anger that was in us.**. And we didn't realize ourselves, what it really meant until Dr. King was marching there and if they could do that to Dr. King, what about me, you know.