Interview with Nancy Jefferson

If you can talk about what the differences in services provided by the city between the Black and--and programing--


The difference in the service between the Black community and the White community is very obvious. Ah, the, the things that the Black community--just basic services, the White community take for-granted. Ah, the same services that we have to develop programs around. Just basic things like moving the garbage:, ah,you pick up garbage, once a week. Ah, we have to develop a program around garbage not being picked up. We got to pick-it we got to develop a committee to call the city and says, you know the garbage is not picked up in three weeks. We just talking about basic services, you talk about the streets being cleaned, streets being swept, you know. Boulevards being swept in Black communities. It'll go for six months that boulevards are not swept. In the White community that's for-granted, that you do that. The things are just basic services, that causes you to move as a citizen in your community. Has, you know, the police protection, serves and protects a White community, in the Black community harasses a Black community. Ah, just basic things that that that other communities take for-grated are the things that we have to develop a program around: that's not right.