Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Tell me how they--how the the Panthers and Fred--approached you about the breakfast program--


Well Fred, and Bob Brown, and Mark Clark came to me and said "Mrs. Jefferson. Because of who you are we need to start a breakfast program for the kids," and I said "Breakfast program? What about a breakfast program," and he said "Mrs. Jefferson, the kids are hungry, by the time they get to school at 10 o'clock in the morning they' laying on their desk they ain't hearing, they sleeping. That's because they're hungry, they haven't had breakfast. We're going to start a breakfast program to show that kids ought to have breakfast to get started off in school right. And I was saying, all right, that's some more mess. And they was laughing, and they said we want you to help us because of who you are, the people they believe in you, they think we're about something else, and they said help us to start a breakfast program. And I trusted their sense about it.


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