Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Can you talk about Fred coming to you with the breakfast program?


Yeah, Fred was, ah,ah, unique person, he was delightful. I like to talk about Fred. Fred, he, Fred came to me with Mark and Barbara--I'll never forget--came to me and wanted to start. Fred said to me "We want to start a Breakfast Program." I said "Fred, What a breakfast program? What is a breakfast program?" So Fred so, "Mrs. J. you gotta understand, Kids are in school hungry, and about the time 10 o'clock comes around in school all the kids has their heads on the desk," he said. Because he was always in the school, Fred was always in and out everything. And he says, "these kids are hungry," she says "if you ask the kid, 'why are you sleepy?' he says, 'I'm hungry,'" and he said "If we feed these kids before they go to school, give them a good breakfast program, that's going to affect their learning." And I was saying "Fred, With all this mess? But, I'll help you, I will try it." But I thought Fred had another angle, always thought fred. He said "you always think I have something else in mind. No." "OK We're going to go it." It was sort of a trust that Fred and I had with each other, you know. Not quite--I wasn't trusting him as much as he was trusting me. I--I understood, that what he was doing, but I wasn't quite sure that I want--


OK, cut. That's beautiful.