Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Can you tell me why you decided to work with Dr. King?


I decided to work with Dr. King because I had followed his, his work in the south, having come from the south and understood that hard line in the south and what he was all about. And welcome the time that he came to Chicago kno--knowing that, that things were not right in Chicago, knowing that um, that people thought you know, we all came to the north to, for a better life. That's what we thought. And yet, ah,we, we understood that things that other communities took for granted was the things that we h--was hard for us to come by. Just simple things like garbage removal, ah,the slum condition. And Dr. King, we knew, were going to come-- When he came to Chicago I thought, well, this man has the courage, the leadership as to do what he was doing in the south, bring it to the conscience of this city of what they were doing and, and try to change some things. And I knew that's where I wanted to be. I wanted to be in that change process.