Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Let me stop right there, Tell me about the CHA.


It was the CHA, ah, ah, business, Jane Byrne, people began to, ah, really get upheaval about what was going on at CHA, what was going on with the gangs at TCHA and how the CHA and, and HUD was, was handling the folk, the folks in CHA, all the CHA problems. She moved in CHA with a battery of, ah, of ah, policemens, you know, it was some kind of a fluff, non substance. That was her answer to CHA problems. And, and, and the whole community went wild over how she approached the CHA problems, and they were many, and that was, ah, the gangs in CHA and what she, what was she doing about that? Ah, the rental structure in CHA, what that was, began to look like. And especially the Cabrini Green area because everybody began to see that they were, that, everybody felt that that property was, was being handled that way because, as we said, the gold coast got tired of looking at the soul coast. And so the soul coast began to rise up and the gold coast was right next to them. And Jane Byrne began to talk about taking over Cabrini Green and with developers and all of that and people began to move to see that this woman was, was out of sync with that.