Interview with Nancy Jefferson

ChicagoFest, big thing. Tell me the story of ChicagoFest.


Well, as you know, the ChicagoFest was about contracts and, and, and who got the contracts and, and where it was and money, it was a big money deal, very big money deal. Outside Jane Byrne brought in, ah, ah, some, some person from outside, you know, got millions of dollars for the ChicagoFest and people were going. And one day, just a, just an ordinary man, and we were not satisfied because nobody, no, no person that we knew, Black, or Hispanic, ah or White poor communities ever got a, a popcorn concession in there or contract and we began to understand what that were, we were all ballyhooing and giving it, ah, it's, ah, credence plus its, its money, ah, and yet we were not there. And so, and we were disturbed about that. We couldn't get into Jane Byrne and, ah, you know, everybody was cut out with everything. And, ah, some guy just called up one day and said, you know, just, just some person called Jesse Jackson one day on the radio and he says, Why don't we boycott Jane. He was a nameless, faceless person. So, he said, why don't we boycott the ChicagoFest, let's just boycott it. So, Jesse took it up, he really took it up and said, you know, well, let's, I'll meet with somebody. He met with Dorothy Tillman, me and some other folks and, and said, this guy called up and said, let's boycott. Let's try it. And we tried it. And it was, it worked and it sent Jane Byrne out of her seat.