Interview with Nancy Jefferson

At what point thereafter did you realize that there was a possibility to elect a Black mayor? Tell me the story.


After that and, ah, got that level of understanding that, that, that what we could do, ah, we began to say, what about a Black mayor? You know, let's get a mayor in this town, a progressive mayor. And we talked for days and days in basements of Lu Palmer and other kinds of folks and, and, and looking at who and what and all that. And I think we were dealing with not so much as who as to what we wanted, what kind of person we wanted. We was, first ironing all of that out, and, ah, and then, I, I think it was Lu or somebody that, that talked about, let's, let's look at Harold Washington**. Let's look at Harold Washington. Then folks were going to say, Yeah, let's look at Harold Washington, you know. Ah, ah, because he had run, you know, he had attempted to run before, you know, like in '77 or something like that and very little low key thing and he lost and all that, as mayor, he put out that sign. And so that brought to people mind, let's look at Harold Washington. Ah, we began to look at Harold Washington to do what we wanted to do. It was first what the people wanted and then they, ah--

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