Interview with Nancy Jefferson

Let's start with the story of 4 A.M. in the morning and Daley has died and all of you have gathered down at City Hall. Tell me what that was about. What happened?


Well, we understood that the mayor had died in bed. Frost, Wilson Frost was the president pro tem of the City Council and, and to us that meant that he was the next man in line to take the seat until there was another election. And, ah, we were just all down there to make sure that happened. Ah, and to give him the encouragement cause, that, that should happen. And I remember ah, some of us, you know, like quote leaders, met with him the night before to insure him that's your seat and you take it, you know. Which, he, you know, had every confidence that he would do that. And that, that morning, I'll never forget that we all decided we'd better be there at 4 o'clock 'cause we knew the other side, quote, ah, Richard J. Daley's people were going to fill up City Council and we couldn't get in. So, everybody was there at 4 o'clock in the morning. Ah, but, ah, we lost, ah, ah, Wilson Frost just did not, whatever, whatever considerations they put up on him, he could not take that seat and it was a great disappointment with us is that, ah, all he had to do was sit down in the seat we said and let the courts prove that you shouldn't set in the seat. Ah, and he could not do that that day, ah, I'll never forget it.